Our Story

It was back in year 1998 when I joined in the hearing aid company as quality manager. The hearing aid products were seldom known by Chinese people. Almost all the components had to be either imported or made in house. We handled the parts by ourselves for tooling, injection molding, rubber forming, stamping, telecoils, earphones, cords …… etc. We did everything for HI with soldering elements to PCB, did amplifiers testing and final HI assembly and testing. We knew every single piece of the hearing aids and their manufacturing process. I set up the company quality system and certified that to ISO9000 and ISO13485.

Later on I was the engineering manager and NPI manager. We created a lot of engineering solutions to improve the production line yield. At the same time I took the lead to transfer a lot of HI production from many other manufacturing sites / countries to Xiamen. After that Xiamen was the only manufacturing location and I took the lead to do NPI project management for new products from design centers in DK and US to Xiamen.

After working in the hearing aid industry for eleven and a half year I found it difficult to leave this industry. I have lots of friends and knowledge here. I talked to myself why don’t set up a company using our knowledge just to provide service and solution for development and manufacturing of medical device and hearing aid.

Amoy – Xiamen, tone – Sound.  Amoytone means “Xiamen Sound”. We just try to make some sound from Xiamen to be heard. Sincerely,

General Manager: